Sunday, October 10, 2010


October 10, 2010
               Jean Claude's INFOWAR BEGINS!
I decided to start this INFOWAR Blog spot because THERE IS A WAR ON OUR BRAIN AND WE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THE INFORMATION THAT IS CONTAINED IN EACH PERSONS OWN.  So it’s important that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US does our OWN RESEARCH, QUESTIONS EVERYTHING, and comes up with their OWN UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY.  By using the informational resources available to us through news articles, author’s works, government reports, countless credible interviews, and online publications we can each hope to obtain our OWN SOLID GRASP ON REALITY . I created Jean Claude’s INFOWAR BlogSpot simply to have an outlet for myself, so that I could organize my own thoughts on my path of discovering new information and being just ANOTHER SOLDIER IN THE INFOWAR.  THANKYOU

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