Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Futuristic San Francisco!

            San Francisco is already one of the greenest cities in the US, but check out this wild new concept from IwamotoScott Architects to completely remake the city into an ecotopia in the near future (They say 2108, but if we as a society get our proverbial “shit” together, I believe we could easily make this a reality by somewhere closer to 2050!)
            The design, which is as visually stunning as it is thought-provoking, recently won the History Channel’s City of the Future competition. It’s a full-scale urban system that combines the most innovative green technologies with San Francisco’s unique microclimate and geologic conditions, to produce a compelling vision for the future. Hydro-Net, as the project is known, will bring the lovely city-by-the-bay squarely into the 22nd Century with algae-harvesting towers, geothermal energy ‘mushrooms’, and fog catchers which distill fresh water from San Francisco’s infamous fog.
            San Francisco’s Hydro-Net is perhaps the most remarkable, modern and futuristic concept ever envisioned for the City. And considering the hunt for alternative energy sources in the coming century, it’s extremely important! It is an extensive network of above ground and underground systems that fulfill infrastructural needs for the movement of people, water, hover-cars, and energy throughout the city. This network would connect water, power collection, and distribution systems across the city, forming one giant super-system.
           The hydrogen would in turn be used as fuel to run hover-cars in the underground tunnels. The network also includes fog catchers that harvest air moisture, ecotowers, and more. Sound crazy? Designers Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott, the partners of San Francisco-based design firm IwamotoScott, don’t think so, and frankly neither do I. The concept recently won the $10,000 grand prize for their entry in the City of the Future competition, organized by the History Channel.
     -Jean Claude

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